What is Elamant Cares?

It’s humbling to see the impact that Elamant has had on so many people’s lives. That was great, but I knew we could do better. That’s why I led the development of Elamant Cares, a non-profit set up for the sole purpose of providing resources and support to the underserved communities represented by members of Elamant around the world.

Spending my life in and around churches and community organizations, I live my life with the mantra that the people around me will be better by my actions and support.

I learned early on that community and family are everything.

Worldwide, we can do better. We will do better. I will continue to do my part.

Ryan Evans

How I do it


Our communities make us who we are. They nuture us and help us develop into positive role models for people from all walks of life. There’s strength in that.


A shared belief in one another helps us stay up when life tries to knock us down. Times can get difficult, but a rock-solid foundation of support can keep them from being overwhelming.


There’s nothing like genuine love. Whether that’s the love of family, friends, community, or God, that love for another helps support us and drive us forward.

Other Things I do...

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